Forest Terminology Explained


While undertaking research, you or your students may come across some terms that may need explaining, so we have made it easy for you below. 

*FURTHER INFORMATION: The Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (ABARES) has produced an "Australia's forests and forestry glossary" (2020) found here -

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A technique to remove thin or weak trees to leave more nutrients and space access for sunlight to the remaining trees to maximise their growth potential and wood properties.

Threatened species

A species facing possible extinction if measures are not taken to ensure its survival, such as removing predators and retaining and maintaining its habitat.


The general term used to describe sawn wood suitable for building and other purposes.

Total Catchment Management (TCM)

The coordinated and integrated management of natural resources within a catchment area to balance the way resources are used and conserved.


A perennial plant having a self-supporting woody stem or trunk which usually develops woody branches.