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Socio-Political Issues in Forestry

Lesson Overview:

In this theory lesson, students will discover some of the key socio-political factors relating to Australian forestry and learn how these relate to land use and the impact of native forest management. They will be provided with information to help develop a balanced understanding of how forestry works to minimise its social and environmental impacts through sustainable forest management and certification.

Year Level/s:

7, 8

Key Curriculum Areas / Subject:

Geography, Science

National Curriculum Codes:


Strand Content Description:


  • ACHGK050 - The geomorphic processes that produce landforms, including a case study of at least one landform.
  • ACHGK052 - The ways of protecting significant landscapes.
  • ACHGK053 - The causes, impacts and responses to a geomorphological hazard.


  • ACSHE120 - Science and technology contribute to finding solutions to a range of contemporary issues; these solutions may impact on other areas of society and involve ethical considerations.
  • ACSHE121 - Science understanding influences the development of practices in areas of human activity such as industry, agriculture and marine and terrestrial resource management.
  • ACSSU112 - Interactions between organisms can be described in terms of food chains and food webs; human activity can affect these interactions.
  • ACSSU116 - Some of Earth’s resources are renewable, but others are non-renewable.

General Capabilities:

Critical and Creative Thinking, Ethical Understanding, Literacy, Personal and Social Capabilities

Cross Curriculum Priorities:


Curriculum Connections:


ScOT Catalogue Terms:

Environmental Management, Ethics, Human Impact, Industries, Natural Resources, Social Influence


Forests - Ecology and Natural Processes, Forestry - Sustainability and Certification, Forestry Products - Processing and Technology

Resource Type/s:

Primary: Lesson Plan


Socio-Political Issues in Forestry

Student Resource

Socio Political Issues in Forestry

Socio Political Issues in Forestry

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