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Tasmania's Giants

Lesson Overview:

Students will learn about Tasmania’s forests and their ‘giant’ hardwood trees.

Year Level/s:

3, 4, 5, 6

Key Curriculum Areas / Subject:

Geography, Science

National Curriculum Codes:


Strand Content Description:


  • ACHGK021 - The types of natural vegetation and the significance of vegetation to the environment and to people.
  • ACHGK022 - The importance of environments to animals and people, and different views on how they can be protected.


  • ACSIS071 - Represent and communicate ideas and findings in a variety of ways such as diagrams, physical representations and simple reports.
  • ACSSU094 - The growth and survival of living things are affected by the physical conditions of their environment.

General Capabilities:

Critical and Creative Thinking

Cross Curriculum Priorities:


Curriculum Connections:

Geography, Science

ScOT Catalogue Terms:

Conservation, Creating Texts, Data Analysis, Data Collections, Data Representation, Geographical Location, Habitats, Oral Presentations, Plant Growth, Vegetation


Forests - Ecology and Natural Processes, Forestry - Sustainability and Certification, Forestry Products - Processing and Technology, Forest Futures - Carbon Renewable Resources and Innovation

Resource Type/s:

Primary: Activity

Secondary: Lesson Plan, Multimedia, Student Worksheet


Tasmania's Giants

Teacher Resource

Tasmania's Giants Teacher

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Student Resource

Tasmania' Giants Student Worksheet

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Forest Learning Survey

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