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Primary School Activity Book

Lesson Overview:

This lesson book contains sustainability activities and forest lesson plans that target year 3-6 primary students.

These lesson ideas and forest activities for children are specifically designed to allow maximum flexibility when teaching sustainability in primary schools.

You will need to download the photo bank to accompany this teaching resource.



Year Level/s:

3, 4, 5, 6

Key Curriculum Areas / Subject:

Visual Arts, Mathematics, Health and Physical Education, Technology

National Curriculum Codes:


Strand Content Description:

Visual Arts

  • ACAVAM110 - Explore ideas and artworks from different cultures and times, including artwork by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, to use as inspiration for their own representations.
  • ACAVAM111 - Use materials, techniques and processes to explore visual conventions when making artworks.
  • ACAVAM112 - Present artworks and describe how they have used visual conventions to represent their ideas.
  • ACAVAM114 - Explore ideas and practices used by artists, including practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, to represent different views, beliefs and opinions.
  • ACAVAR117 - Explain how visual arts conventions communicate meaning by comparing artworks from different social, cultural and historical contexts, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artworks.


  • ACMMG084 - Use scaled instruments to measure and compare lengths, masses, capacities and temperature.
  • ACMMG108 - Choose appropriate units of measurement for length, area, volume, capacity and mass.

Health and Physical Education

  • ACPMP043 - Practise and refine fundamental movement skills in different movement situations.
  • ACPMP061 - Measure, order and compare objects using familiar metric units of length, mass and capacity.


  • ACTDEK013 - Investigate the suitability of materials, systems, components, tools and equipment for a range of purposes.
  • ACTDEP025 - Generate, develop, communicate and document design ideas and processes for audiences using appropriate technical terms and graphical representation techniques.
  • ACTDEP028 - Develop project plans that include consideration of resources when making designed solutions individually and collaboratively.

General Capabilities:

Critical and Creative Thinking, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Capability, Intercultural Understanding, Literacy, Numeracy, Personal and Social Capabilities

Cross Curriculum Priorities:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures, Sustainability

Curriculum Connections:

Mathematics, PDHPE

ScOT Catalogue Terms:

Aboriginal Art, Agriculture, Composition, Conventions, Fibres, Fundamental Movement Skills, Length, Measuring Instruments, Metres, Symbols, Tools, Torre Strait Islander Art, Visual Arts


Forests - Ecology and Natural Processes

Resource Type/s:

Primary: Lesson Plan

Secondary: Activity


Primary School Activity Book

Student Resource

Primary School Activity Book

Primary School Activity Book

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