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Current Technology in Forestry Plant Production

Lesson Overview:

Students will be able to gain an understanding about the characteristics and features of technologies that are being utilised in the Forestry industry to maximise productivity, improve marketing and protect workers from injury. Students will view footage of the technologies in action and perform case studies on Cengea, Optimisation Heads, Spot Messenger and Ezy2See.  As part of the lesson, students will complete a series of questions, tables and annotations relating to video links.

Strand Content Description


A student:

  • P3.1 explains the role of decision-making in management and marketing of agricultural products in response to consumer and market requirements
  • P5.1 investigates the role of associated technologies and technological innovation in producing and marketing of agricultural products.

Students learn about:

  • Use of technologies in producing and marketing plant products

Students learn to:

  • Research and describe a current technology in plant production or marketing



Year Level/s:


Key Curriculum Areas / Subject:

Agriculture Yr 11 & 12

National Curriculum Codes:


Strand Content Description:

Agriculture Yr 11 & 12

General Capabilities:

Critical and Creative Thinking, Ethical Understanding, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Capability, Literacy, Personal and Social Capabilities

Cross Curriculum Priorities:


Curriculum Connections:


ScOT Catalogue Terms:

Data Analysis, Data Representation, Forestry, Innovation, Supply Chain, Technologies


Forestry - Sustainability and Certification, Forestry Products - Processing and Technology, Forest Futures - Carbon Renewable Resources and Innovation

Resource Type/s:

Primary: Lesson Plan

Secondary: Activity, Multimedia, Student Worksheet


Current Technology in Forestry Plant Production

Teacher Resource

Teacher Guide - Current Technology Forestry

This Teacher Guide assists teachers to lead a lesson surrounding the topic of "Current Technology in Forestry Plant Production". Forestry has come a long way from its early axe and bullock team technologies. Learn more about the innovations driving Australia's only carbon positive industry forward. This Teacher's guide accompanies the Student Worksheet. Student's watch the YouTube Going Bush episodes to answer worksheet questions.

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File Type: PDF


Student Resource

Student Worksheet - Current Technology in Forestry Plant Production

This Student Worksheet provides students with questions to accompany the Going Bush episodes on Current Technology in forestry plant production. The Teachers Guide provides answers.

File Size: 291.09 kb
File Type: PDF


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