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Australian Forestry Journal open access Issue

14 September 2017
Do your students want a career that involves world travel or working to alleviate poverty and improve living conditions? Many Australian forestry scientists have had the opportunity to work with scientists in developing countries to implement more than 150 projects in 29 countries through project... VIEW

Tree identification resources

14 September 2017
Do you need easy picture based resources to help your students identify trees in or near your school to enrich your classroom learning? The main way to identify trees in Australia is by their bark characteristics. ForestLearning has compiled a list of web based publications, posters and resource... VIEW

Science Infographic – The chemistry of seasonal leaf colours: Why do leaves change colour in autumn and turn green again in spring and summer?

14 September 2017
To help you understand the science behind the forest’s seasonal colour changes, Forestry Commission England has put together a simple colour guide and the chemistry behind it. Classroom applications: Applicable to a number of year levels and subject areas including: Foundation – Earth and space... VIEW

Learning from Trees – Life Lessons for Future Generations: PlanetArk’s research released

14 September 2017
The Learning from Trees: Life Lessons for Future Generations report, commissioned by Planet Ark and sponsored by Toyota Australia, was released in the lead up to National Tree Day. The report examines how prepared the next generation is to tackle the biggest global challenges facing humanity. T... VIEW

New Book released – “Heartwood, the art and science of growing trees for conservation and profit” by Rowan Reid

14 September 2017
A new book was launched this month by Rowan Reid that looks at questions such as how can cutting down a tree be good for the environment? Why do we assume trees can only be grown for EITHER conservation OR profit, but never both? What if there was a way that landholders could profit from har... VIEW