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Early years forestry encounter

30 November 2017

Students from Years 1 and 2 at Tumut Public School were visited by Forestry Corporation staff who spoke to them as part of their learning about climate, weather, and the environment last month.



Future Foresters!  Trying a career in forestry on for size, two students from Tumut Public School.

Photo: Forest Corp NSW

Forestry Corporation’s Adele Wedding gave students an enjoyable introduction to forestry practices that tied in with their curriculum.  Adele  explained what time of year is best to plant trees, where Forestry Corporation plants trees, and how they are able to protect forests through their firefighting efforts. The engaged and curious kids were eager to learn about the importance of taking care of our forests in our drying climate and came prepared with plenty of questions – they were even keen to learn about more difficult concepts like carbon sequestration!

Two lucky children were chosen to try a forestry career on for size, hopping into some of Forestry Corporation’s forestry and firefighting uniforms to demonstrate for their peers the kind of clothing worn during a day’s work out in the forest.


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