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Exploring Career Pathways with the Forest Education Foundation

30 November 2017

On 22 November 2017, the Forest Education Foundation (FEF) delivered a unique field experience exposing a Year 9/10 class from Yolla District High School to their local forest and the role of Forico as an integrated timber plantation, forest management and forest products export business operating in Tasmania.

Where did the students visit?

The group visited a number of sites in the Surrey Hills area to gain an understanding of a wide range of roles undertaken by a forest manager, forest grower and the processes involved in establishing, maintaining, harvesting, transporting and processing forest products.

The students explored the process from nursery, timber plantation, forest management and production all the way to product research and export guidelines. Students also had the opportunity to try their skills on machinery simulators as they harvested an area of plantation forest.

Aims of the field experience

The aim of this field experience was to provide teachers and students with an overview of the role of forests in the Tasmanian landscape and the potential career pathways available.

More about the Forest Education Foundation

The FEF and forest industry partnership program delivers a unique experience for students to develop an understanding of workplace expectations and build skills and attributes that will support their future work and life goals.

How to get involved in Tasmania

If you teach in Tasmania, you can get involved in a similar program by visiting the FEF website at or email them on 

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