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New Gippsland intiative to link forestry education and careers

19 February 2018

A Gippsland initiative to link forestry education and career opportunities

The Australian forest industry is a dynamic and sustainable provider of regional employment, economic activity and essential products based on a renewable resource that sequesters carbon. The forest industry comprises businesses involved in growing and harvesting trees, processing wood and wood fiber, manufacturing pulp, paper and engineered, reconstituted and solid wood products and businesses that market and undertake research, into forestry and forest products.

However, the industry is finding it difficult to attract qualified or experienced people to work in this interesting and rewarding sector.

“The Gippsland Forestry Hub has been formed to constructively engage the community, education sector, industry and government bodies to assist in outcome focused solutions, focusing on skills development and real local job opportunities.” Stated Ms. Lesia Clark Executive Officer, GFHub.

The Gippsland Forestry Hub aims to promote understanding and interest in forestry and raise awareness in Gippsland of the great career and job opportunities within the industry.

In partnership with Yarram Secondary College the GFHub will hold a Forestry Expo on Monday 26th February at the high school, all students will experience firsthand the opportunity’s and career paths Forestry has to offer.

“Yarram Secondary College is extremely excited to be a partner within the newly formed Gippsland Forestry Hub. There are over 300 people employed within the industry that reside in our community and being able to expose the plethora of career pathways to our students is a fabulous opportunity,” stated Mr Brett Pedlow, Principal of Yarram Secondary College.

“To be able to showcase this sustainable and safety focused industry, with a view to linking in with careers for our students, post compulsory school age, is one that we as a school community, want to be at the forefront of.  Unfortunately, not many people in the broader community have a firm understanding of what the forestry industry entails and we hope this expo can be the beginning of clearing up misconceptions and highlight the real benefits of what is happening right on our doorstep” stated Mr Brett ‘Pedlow, Principal of Yarram Secondary College.

Taking part in the expo HVP, Vicforests , Austimber ,Leeson’s Harvest and Haulage, Catapillar,Waratah, Kennedy trailers to name a few. There will be hand on experiences for all students, log trucks, Processors, Forwarders, Simulators plus opportunities for the students to learn Forestry is a safe and sustainable industry with many stands showcasing tree improvements, nursery production, silviculture and Fire prevention.

For further information please contact Lesia Clark on 0455552094.

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