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Australian Forestry Journal open access Issue

14 September 2017

Do your students want a career that involves world travel or working to alleviate poverty and improve living conditions? Many Australian forestry scientists have had the opportunity to work with scientists in developing countries to implement more than 150 projects in 29 countries through projects funded by the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR).

The current ACIAR forestry research program operates in 14 countries and has an annual budget of approximately $10 million.

The public has been granted open access to the ACIAR special edition of the Australian Forestry Journal (AFJ), a peer-reviewed publication, usually accessed at a cost. This provides a good chance to see what projects are happening overseas and read for yourself.

To find out more details about some of these development projects go to:

For a geography lesson for grades 7 and 8 on socio-political issues in forestry go to:


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