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New Book released – “Heartwood, the art and science of growing trees for conservation and profit” by Rowan Reid

14 September 2017

A new book was launched this month by Rowan Reid that looks at questions such as how can cutting down a tree be good for the environment? Why do we assume trees can only be grown for EITHER conservation OR profit, but never both? What if there was a way that landholders could profit from harvesting timber from the trees they plant for stock shelter, biodiversity, soil erosion control and beautification – whilst also helping control climate change?

Written by forest scientist Rowan Reid, this book draws on over twenty years of experience and study to offer a third way: where growing trees for profit can have a positive environmental impact.
He challenges the ideological poles that dominate the debate and offers a scientific view on how anyone with the necessary land and time can grow their own trees and profit from them while improving the soil, water and ecosystem.

Rowan also shares the personal story and family history that lead him to his revolutionary new approach. He shares his passion for native trees and provides the practical information that readers will need to understand and grow trees of their own.

You can buy from a range of online bookstores including
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