We provide educators with free teaching resources relevant to the Australian Curriculum and with a focus on Australian forests and sustainable timber products.

Welcome to the ForestLearning website! Here you'll find Australian Curriculum aligned free teaching and learning resources, written by teachers - for teachers! Save precious planning time and plant the seeds of sustainability and our natural world in your K-12 classroom, by downloading ForestLearning teacher guides and photocopiable student workbooks. Discover the vital roles that renewable forests, wood and wood fibre products can play in creating a better, more sustainable world!

Each resource provides unique insights into how forests play a vital role in the provision of forest and wood products and environmental services for society. Explore how forests provide habitats for animals and plants as well as recreational spaces, and provide employment opportunities that help sustain rural communities. Students can practically demonstrate how forests help protect water and soil quality through stabilising soils and rehabilitating saline landscapes, to helping combat global carbon emissions and air pollution through the storage of carbon in trees and wood products. Discover the technological advances such as GIS, LiDAR, Drones and more used throughout the industry to help in real time decision making, business efficiencies, chain of custody certification as well as increase the personal safety of employees on the ground, and much much more!

These resources are supported by the members of the Australian Forest Education Alliance.