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Geography Year 10 – National Teacher Survey Feedback on Resource

03 November 2023


useful teacher survey heat mapA useful teacher survey heat map

Teacher feedback specifically about the year 10 resource “Environmental Change and Forest Management”:

  •  Clear overview of what outcomes the activity covers and what materials I need to put together to give this lesson. Like the suggested time.
  • Having the lesson’s intention clearly stated allows the teacher and student to clearly understand the expectations of the lesson
  • Having the glossary as an activity is hugely important
  • Teacher tips – like this, useful tip, eye catching. Tells me what I need to do before the lesson.
  • I really like at the beginning of each lesson the listing of resources and materials required.
  • Activity summaries are clear, quick, great detail and discussion starter.
  • Photos and images are engaging for students who like visual information
  • I like that all the questions have answered provided for teachers
  • Each activity has an aim that I find very helpful. A quick and simple game with expected timeframe is useful like shown

Open ended feedback about the need for resources about forestry by teachers!

  • It is an important local and national industry, which children should be aware of and understand.
  • There are a lot of false-hoods and misconceptions regarding this subject and how using timber is damaging the environment so it is important to educate students in this area.
  • Wood is a natural product and forests can be sustainable, so [it is important to be] teaching students about how to manage and use natural resources.
  • The students seemed generally interested. I think they get excited when I bring Forest Learning resources into the classroom.
  • If you have quality resources it is much easier to work through!
  • The resources are clear and the hard work of separating information has been done for them. Students have a short span to decode chunks of text and the resources are well designed
  • I’m no expert in this area and there are not many learning resources at hand.This is helpful
  • [I am] city based -no real link/experience of forestry work. This resource clearly outlines what is required inan engaging way.
  • Children are interested in the processes involved, and you can excite them with topics related to trees, their size, how important they are, etc.
  • Students need to know ‘where timber comes from’, the variety of species and manufactured products and their uses.
  • I like talking about old growth forests and how they are being protected. I like showing the breakdown process of log into planks, the students are intigued to see mechanisation and how quickly a tree becomes planks
  • I’m passionate about sustainability, and to a somewhat lesser degree, about new and emerging technologies concerning wood products that is seeing them in some instances replace things like steel and concrete.
  • I usually refer to your website and information pack (that I have had for a number of years) especially when I am talking about harvesting and milling, shaping etc. as I have absolutely no experience here.
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