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New Year 8 resource to be released in November!

03 November 2023

A new Year 8 Geography Unit 1 curriculum aligned resource is almost completed, ready for classrooms in 2023!

Developed in partnership with the Geography Teacher’s Association Victoria, the 8-lesson unit focuses on Australian forest characteristics, dynamics and how forest diversity and distribution are related to climate. Forest values, including cultural and spiritual values are examined, as well as how forest values can be sustainably managed.

The resource includes a full teacher kit complete with print or online ready student and teacher workbooks and embeds the popular and technology-rich ForestVR™ 360-degree videos and photo tours. Easily accessible activity video tutorials for teachers will link within the resource to accompany and demonstrate activities.

As a part of this resource, students will virtually visit a number of different Australian forests through ForestVR virtual reality 360-degree videos and tours. Virtual fieldwork, although not a full replacement for actual fieldwork, can provide an exciting opportunity for immersive learning experiences that might otherwise be inaccessible. Concepts of place, environment, sustainability, interconnection and values are explored using spatial maps, data interpretation and critical thinking.

But why study forests?  Forests are important to all species on Earth. They provide shelter, food and other resources. They clean our water and protect our soils. They are the guardians of the climate and are also of economic importance.

The different forest types around the world require careful management to ensure their needs and human needs are met in a balanced way.

Watch this space for further details or follow us on Facebook or LinkedIn to keep updated on launch!

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