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Sustainable fun with George the Farmer and ForestLearning

30 May 2022

The Great Forest Hunt George the Farmer

Want to teach students about the sustainable features of wood? There is a host of information to uncover! 

Our good friend George the Farmer has recently published his new picture book The Great Forest Hunt with the Green Triangle’s very own Courtney the Forester. 

The story follows Lucy, Jack and forester Courtney as they try to find cheeky kelpie Jessie. Along the journey, Courtney explains that trees not only provide a source of oxygen, but wood is sustainable resource for wood products like tissues and timber for housing. 

This lively picture book can be used in conjunction with ForestLearning multimedia resources. 

Delve deeper into wood’s sustainability with your students by watching George the Farmer’s Forestry YouTube clip and accompanying immersive VR experience (available as an app). The video explores the tree growing and timber manufacturing process – from planting a seed to producing the wood products that we use every day and features the song, “Wood is Good for the World”. You might just see a familiar face! 

Educators can also use the free and downloadable toolkits produced by George the Farmer and ForestLearning – Sustainable Forest Management and Pine Plantation Forestry, designed to be a starting point for cross-curriculum learning, with direct links to the Australian curriculum. These resources include a lesson plan and fun activities available as printable PDF sheets. 

Buy the book online at the George the Farmer website.

Check out our forestry video and download free education resources:

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