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WoodSolutions app helps identify best timber for school projects

03 November 2023

SpeciesSolutions App is an update to the previous WoodSolutions Species app, and provides teachers, students and industry is a wealth of specialised timber knowledge at your fingertips.

The app allows users to search and compare the physical properties of timber species, as well match timber species to their best suited applications (e.g., Victorian Ash for interior applications like joinery, doors and cupboards).

The app can also provide helpful support to senior design and technologies students and teachers in design projects using timber as a material.

Using the wrong type of timber species reduces the shelf life of timber products, so this app is also an easy to access resource for anybody planning a project that uses wood and wood products indoors or outdoors.

The SpeciesSolutions App is available to download for free on the Apple app store ( and Google Play (

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