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Agroforestry – Formosa Farm Estate: Tasmania Mixed Farming | Shelter Belt Science Trial Site

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Did you know that farmers who produce the vegetables, fruit, grain, fibre, milk, and meat that we eat every day can also grow trees that are used to make paper, packaging, furniture, and even buildings? The combination of growing trees with other crops or livestock is known as agroforestry and the industry is quickly growing – pardon the pun.

Come with us to Formosa Estate farm in Cressy, Tasmania, where we will see in 360-degrees how this farm has combined the use of shelter belt agroforestry with cropping and livestock to create a more productive farming enterprise while also improving livestock husbandry, carbon storage and financial returns for the farm.

And we know this because scientists from CSIRO, Private Forests Tasmania and University of Tasmania have studied the effects of shelter belts on pasture growth – and the results are in! Join us to visit the research trial site and learn what they found!

And don’t forget you’re in 360-degrees, so use your mouse, magic window, or VR Headset to look up and down and all around you!

The Formosa Case Study was part of the Agroforestry Program in collaboration with PFT, UTAS and CSIRO.



** Acknowledgements **
ForestLearning acknowledges the support given by Formosa Estate, Private Forests Tasmania and CSIRO, and presenters John Heard, Formosa Estate and Martin Moroni Private Forests Tasmania in the production of this video.

All images within the video are © and used with permission and with thanks to Private Forests Tasmania.

Formosa Pasture Growth charts were adapted with permission using primary data shared by CSIRO.


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Agroforestry – Formosa Farm Estate: Tasmania Mixed Farming  | Shelter Belt Science Trial Site

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