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Agroforestry – Yan Yan Gurt West Farm Victoria Sheep + Trees for Production & Environment

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Did you know that farmers who produce the vegetables, fruit, grain, fibre, milk, and meat that we use and eat every day can also grow trees that are used to make paper, packaging, furniture, and even buildings? The combination of growing trees with other crops or livestock is known as agroforestry and the industry is quickly growing – pardon the pun.

Come with us in this 360-degree video to Yan Yan Gurt West Farm in south western Victoria where we will meet Andrew Stewart. Andrew and his family have been managing and caretaking their 230 hectare sheep farming property for 5 generations.

In this case study, you’ll discover that Yan Yan Gurt West farm does many things. They raise around 1500 lambs, which produce over 6000kg of wool each year. They are also beginning to generate an income from more than 200 green tonnes a year of timber from trees planted 30 years ago that they will again replant to start the renewable forest cycle again.

Planting trees has also attracted the native wildlife back into their farming landscape. They have discovered that planting more trees has attracted 113 and counting species of birds and other wildlife.

While we’re touring the farm in 360-degrees, don’t forget to use your mouse, magic window, or VR Headset to look up and down and all around you!

Are you ready? LET’S GO!



** Acknowledgements **
ForestLearning acknowledges the support given by Andrew and Jill Stewart of Yan Yan Gurt West Farm in the production of this video.

All images within the video are © and used with permission and with thanks to Andrew and Jill Stewart, Yan Yan Gurt West Farm 2022.

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Ed Tech (VR/Drones)
Agroforestry – Yan Yan Gurt West Farm Victoria  Sheep + Trees for Production & Environment

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