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Forest Science Explorers – Cypress Pine Woodland Forests: Queensland

Lesson Overview:

Welcome to ForestVR’s Forest Science Explorers – created for Australian primary schools learning about adaptations!

Come join us on a virtual field trip to a cypress pine forest in Barakula State Forest near Chinchilla southwestern Queensland.

We’re going to meet Nathan – he’s a forest Scientist, called a Forester and it’s his job to manage these forests so they stay healthy for the plants and animals that live here, for people to enjoy and to help produce the cypress timbers we love to build our homes, flooring and furniture with.

Come with us now as we look for clues to discover how this forest has adapted to grow in this part of Australia and how the science behind these adaptations helps Foresters like Nathan manage them for today and the future.

And don’t forget you’re in 360-degrees, so use your mouse, magic window or VR Headset to look up and down and all around you!

Are you ready? LET’S GO!



** Acknowledgements **
1. ForestLearning acknowledges the Queensland Government’s support of this project and would like to thank presenter Forester Nathan for participating in this video.
2. The following macro images are used with permission – © Centre for Australian National Biodiversity Research, CSIRO. Australian Plant Image Index, Australian National Botanic Gardens (
a. Cypress Leaves
b. Cypress Seed
3. Line drawings used with permission – C. Payne © Australian National Botanic Gardens
4. Mycorrhizae diagram adapted from “Frontiers for Young Minds” –

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Forest Science Explorers – Cypress Pine Woodland Forests: Queensland

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