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Forest Science Explorers – Wet Tall Eucalypt Forests: Tasmania

Lesson Overview:

Welcome to ForestVR’s Forest Science Explorers – created for Australian Primary Schools learning about adaptations!

Come join us on virtual field trip to a productive wet tall eucalypt forest in Tasmania.

Let’s go meet Kylie – a forest scientist, called a Forester. It’s her job to use the science of these forests to sustainably manage them for a range of outcomes – for the plants and animals that live here, to maintain healthy waterways, protect cultural sites, and in these productive forests to grow, harvest and regenerate the trees that are used for wood in everyday products like flooring, furniture and architraves.

Come look for clues to help us discover how this forest has adapted to grow in it’s environment.

And don’t forget you’re in 360-degrees, so use your mouse, magic window or VR Headset to look up and down and all around you!

Are you ready? LET’S GO!


** Acknowledgements:
ForestLearning acknowledges the support given by Sustainable Timber Tasmania (STTas) and STTas Forester Kylie in the production of this video. **


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Forest Science Explorers – Wet Tall Eucalypt Forests: Tasmania

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