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Forestry and Carbon Sequestration

Lesson Overview:

This resource has been developed for teachers of year 11 Agriculture. It allows students to acquire skills in selecting appropriate research sources and data pertaining to the topic of carbon sequestration and storage in forests. In teaching about carbon sequestration and forestry, this introductory lesson to the science topic is primarily focused on developing the summarisation skills of the student.

Multimedia resources:

Going Bush 2 – Episode 2: Carbon

Going Bush 3 – Episode 2: Carbon storage in buildings

A student:

  • P2.1 describes the biological and physical resources and applies the processes that cause changes in plant production systems
  • P4.1 applies the principles and procedures of experimental design and agricultural research

Students learn about:

  • Recent research findings that contribute to plant production systems

Students learn to:

  • Use a range of sources to gather information about a specific agricultural problem or situation in plant production systems.

Key competencies

  • Collecting, analysing and organising information
  • Communicating ideas and information
  • Planning and organising activities
  • Working with others and in teams
  • Using mathematical ideas and techniques
  • Using technology

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Forestry and Carbon Sequestration

teacher Resource

Teacher Lesson Plan and Guide - Forestry and Carbon

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Student Worksheet - Forestry and Carbon

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