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ForestVR Toolkit for Schools – ‘How To’ Guides

Lesson Overview:

These guides have been developed to help teachers successfully embed ForestVR experiences and photo tours into their classrooms. They will lead you through various features of the ForestVR apps such as how to set up your class devices to allow for sync funcation to operate.

Available How To Guides to download:


What is ForestVRTM?

Take your K-12 classroom through sustainably managed and certified Australian production forests and wood processing facility virtual tours to experience firsthand where the wood and paper products used in our schools, homes and buildings comes from. Learn more about these renewable resources and cycles of forests, and how Foresters and their organisations work hard to manage these forests for environmental, social, cultural and commercial outcomes.

Embed ForestVRTM experiences and 360 environments to achieve great learning outcomes, with Australian Curriculum aligned teaching and learning resources available free to download at

View ForestVRTM content using Cardboard, VR Headsets, iPads, laptops or for whole class activities on a classroom smart board. Download content directly to your device to overcome all Wi-Fi issues in the classroom.


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ForestVR Toolkit for Schools – ‘How To’ Guides

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