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Measurement and Trees

Lesson Overview:

Students will gain an understanding of the different ways of measuring the height of a tree in their school yard, backyard or excursion.  Measurements taken for professional purposes in forestry will be explored to ground these methods in a real world context. They will compare and contrast various methods to measure items in their classrooms, discuss results and infer appropriate measuring instruments for accuracy.  Students will then undertake field work outdoors to compare four methods of estimating the height of a tree, and finally explore the mathematical basis behind these approaches and why they work.

The YouTube clip “How to measure a tree” provides a multimedia exploration of two of these methods.

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Measurement and Trees

student Resource

Teacher Resource - Measurement and Trees

A teachers guide to the activity "Measurement and Trees" including curriculum links, activity outlines and suggested answers.

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student Resource

Student Workbook - Measurement and Trees

This printable student workbook is designed to help students record their data from the various activities involved in the Measurement and Trees resource. It includes space to fill in recorded data and answer questions.

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File Type: pdf


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