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Pine – Log to Lumber (Milling)

Lesson Overview:

Welcome to ForestVRTM Log to Lumber pine milling virtual experiences.

Here you will discover how the timber industry use science, sophisticated computer technology, and automation to transform cylindrical pine logs into all the different rectangular shapes and sizes needed to create the timber products we use every day in our homes, schools and buildings.


The 360 Virtual Tour can be used in the classroom to compliment the video experience, as the 360 photos contain embedded information hotspots that mirror the information provided by the video experience. This will allow students more time to reflect and observe the virtual environments after viewing the virtual video experiences.

Log to Lumber – Pine Milling Virtual Video Experience

Tips to view:

  1. Press the Settings wheel bottom right of screen and select resolution to 1080p.
  2. Press Full Screen Mode button to view at full screen.
  3. Press the forward arrow to start playing.
  4. Use your mouse to click and drag to view full 360 vision.

Vimeo Video Direct Link: Log to Lumber

YouTube Video Direct Link: Log to Lumber

360 Virtual Tour – Log to Lumber

Tips to view:

  1. Viewing options – to change the screen view of the tour, in the top right corner, press the 3 dot icon, and select Full Screen Mode for full screen viewing.  Choose the following viewing options depending on how you will view the experience:
    iPad or computer Google Cardboard or other headset
    Use your mouse to click and drag the image to view full 360 vision. If your headset is capable of viewing 360 mode, select “WebVR mode”.

    NOTE: This tour is also available via the Roundme APP to use on your smart phone in a cardboard or plastic headset Google Play.

  2. Hover your mouse, or use your headset clicker/pointer, over the “i circle” hotspots to view more information about particular key elements of the photo.
  3. Within each panorama 360 photo on the tour there are embedded portals to take you to the next panorama 360 photo in the tour (upside down photo sphere tear drop icons). Click on these once you have finished in one scene to take you on the next step of the journey.

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Ed Tech (VR/Drones)
Pine – Log to Lumber (Milling)

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