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Virtual Classroom – Forest Science Explorers Forest Protectors

Lesson Overview:

Join George the Farmer and expert Environmental Forester Kelsey Johnson in the eucalypt plantation forests of Mount Gambier, South Australia on a learning adventure in the forest!

This 30 minute curriculum aligned session, designed for Foundation -Year 4 students will introduce many interesting topics such as

  • where does paper come from?
  • what animals live in the forests?
  • what homes do the animals need? and
  • how do foresters protect animals and plants in the forest?

Our qualified teacher-facilitator from Kimberlin Education will provide plenty of interaction opportunities for your class, including quiz questions and Q&As with ABC TV’s George the Farmer!

Kelsey Johnson, Environmental Forester, PF Olsen
Kelsey is an environmental forester based in Hamilton Victoria. An environmental forester looks after all of the areas of forest which aren’t the plantation trees. Kelsey loves exploring and seeing what animals she can find living in the forests, waterways and wetlands. She makes sure that all of the flora and fauna in the forest are healthy and happy.

George the Farmer
George the Farmer’s vision is a world where kids connect to the earth, food and farm. Based in regional SA, the George the Farmer team create fun picture storybooks about agriculture, music and paddock-to-product videos that can be viewed on YouTube and ABC iView. Curriculum-aligned educators guides for F-4 are also available via their website –







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Virtual Classroom – Forest Science Explorers Forest Protectors

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