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Outdoor Classroom Day Australia – 7 September 2017

14 September 2017

On Thursday 7th September, over 200,000 students and nearly 2000 schools and early learning centres from around Australia enjoyed the benefits of outdoor learning time with specially designed lessons held in the great outdoors.

OMO and Nature Play organised Australia’s first national Outdoor Classroom Day, as part of its ‘Dirt is Good’ campaign, which has put the spotlight on the importance of outdoor play in children’s development. Australia’s event forms a part of a global movement to celebrate and inspire outdoor learning and play. Statistics from around the world: 2,100,187 chidlren involved, 16,178 schools involved! For more information go to:

Next year’s event will be held sometime in October 2018 – we will keep you posted once a date has been set.

SCHOOL SPOTLIGHT – using Outdoor Classroom Day to get out learning in the trees!

Payne Rd State School in Brisbane, Queensland’s western suburbs, joined Outdoor Classroom Day Australia for the first time this year. Every class in the school explored and experienced lessons outdoors and brought contexts of forests, trees, nature, mixtures (mud pies), measurement and maths all outdoors! For an ABC Brisbane radio audio feed for this school’s event and how they integrated outdoor learning into their school for the first time go to:

For more ideas on how you can get outdoors in your classroom, see our range of resources (click here) or search!



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