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How is hardwood produced? New video has the answers!

30 May 2022

A newly launched ForestLearning video explores how hardwood is produced, from the moment seeds are collected and planted in the nursery, to the harvesting of trees in hardwood plantations.

The video tells the hardwood growing story from the perspective of industry partner Forico — Tasmania’s largest private forestry management company.

During the video, Jim Wilson, Plantations Operations and Services Manager at Forico, highlights the company’s new netting line. This netting helps prevent wallabies and possums from chewing the crown of the seedlings.

The video also touches on how demand for hardwood is expected to grow in the coming years. Though previously used solely for pulp, hardwood is likely to fill the growing need for products such as cross-laminated timber (CLT) and glue-laminated timber (GLT). This growth could also help facilitate the hardwood industry’s transition from mixed native and plantation forestry to plantation only.

“I think our there’s a lot of things to be really excited about forestry and particularly forest estates… that are producing products on a sustainable basis that can be used in a whole range of industries, some of which we don’t even know about yet,” said Wilson in the video. 

“The ones that are exciting for me are things like bioplastics, renewable energy and alternative construction materials such as cross-laminated timber.”

At just under five minutes in length, the full video is available to share with your class on the ForestLearning website and on YouTube.

The Hardwood Plantations video complements free ForestLearning resource, Plantation vs Natural and Softwood vs Hardwoods, which delves into the difference between different kinds of trees and how they are grown to make timber.

Watch the video on ForestLearning’s YouTube page: 

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